Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tot Travels: Avon, Utah

Tot Travels
When Little Bear was just under three months old, we took him camping. My father-in-law was having an awesome camping + hiking adventure as he slowly made his way up to our home in Ogden, Utah from his in Arizona. We mentioned several times that we were a little bit jealous and we eventually decided we'd like to meet him at his campsite and relax out in nature instead of sitting around at our sweltering apartment.
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Ryan and I are huge camping fans so we finally decided just to go for it and camp with the baby. We knew we wanted him to grow up close to nature so we decided just to get him started.
We only had a small truck tent at the time and didn't think it was safe for all three of us to sleep in so we decided to buy a Kodiak canvas family tent we could use with all of our children in the future. (So far, it has proven to be an amazing tent and is incredibly easy to put up for how heavy-duty and durable it is)
We loaded up our Jeep and drove out to Avon, Utah for a positively gorgeous weekend.
We took a few short hikes together and my husband and his dad took a few longer ones while the baby and I played out in nature or while he napped and I read.
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When we hiked together, Ryan wore the baby in our Boba carrier (we have a super cool camouflage version they aren't making anymore) and at night we put up a playpen in our tent where the baby slept in between us. He was tiny enough at the time to sleep in a little bassinette attachment (cuddle cove) it came with and we bundled him in a onesie with socks, pajamas with hands that folded over to keep his fingers warm, and then more socks on top of the others. He actually seemed warm one of the nights and we had to remove the extra socks, but in general he did great.
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He really had a blast watching the birds and squirrels and just sat in our laps staring up at the sky and the trees with a look of contentment on his face for hours. It was the coolest thing and it made us so excited for future family camping trips!
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-We were using disposable diapers at the time, so I definitely recommend bringing some kind of container to keep the dirty ones in IN YOUR CAR to prevent bears and other curious critters from attempting to get into them in the night. We meant to get a 5-gallon Home Depot bucket but forgot and just used a grocery sack in the back of our Jeep.
-We are pretty frugal (okay, okay, CHEAP) when it comes to most things so we were very blessed to have been given our playpen and Boba carrier as gifts. A friend of mine also mailed us her hand-me-down travel nursing pillow and I have to say, if anything ever happened to this one I'd probably replace it before having a new baby. It zips up into a little messenger-bag kind of thing and I shove into our suitcase before every trip. We definitely brought it camping and it was so nice to have it for those middle-of-the-night feedings on a not-so-comfy camp chair.
-We worried about body heat a few times while hiking. It was mid-July when we went so Ryan would stop every few minutes to open up one side of the carrier and let a little more air between them. We happened to be hiking along a stream,which allowed us to splash water on our heads and on Baby’s feet and arms, but we would probably have been a little more nervous if we hadn’t been. If you take this trip (and definitely consider it, especially since Salt Lake City and Ogden are so close by with other activities and places to check out!) I’d consider bringing a battery-operated fan, extra water, etc. for the hikes. They’re short and relatively easy (I was two months postpartum at that point so I feel pretty confident saying that) but the heat can be brutal! (I’m a WIMP about heat so I feel a little less confident saying that)
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  1. I found you at random! After reading before about discontinuing blogging for the sake of privacy for your family (totally understandable), there was really no reason for me to visit again - ha :)

    Anywho, the full head of blonde hair is beyond adorable. I hope your family adventures have been great. Lovely pics.

  2. These pictures are all so wonderful and everything is so green!!


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