Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tot Travels: Duluth, Minnesota

Tot Travels
Ryan has family in the area of Duluth, Minnesota so we recently took a little road trip to spend time with the family and check some things out.
We also spent one night in a cabin, Hi-Banks Resort ( and loved it! It cost less than the hotels we were able to find online but we had a full kitchen, a jacuzzi tub (my favorite!), and the most beautiful view.
The kiddo had a blast at Duluth Children's Museum and we all had fun at gorgeous Lester Park. We walked along one of the many beautiful trails, "skipped" rocks at the creek (baby threw them, I fumbled them, Ryan actually skipped them), and adored the adorable treehouse-inspired playground.
We got most of our food at Whole Foods Co-Op (not to be confused with the big chain Whole Foods). We got a lot of grocery items to take back with us, but we had lunch there right away... a (gluten free) turkey sandwich combo and a peanut butter rice crispie treat for Ryan, a stuffed mushroom + salad bar for Baby and me. (And stolen rice crispie bite for me… very yummy)
TIPS: Bring (or make!) your mosquito repellant if you're going to be at the park... and stop by the library before the children's museum. We did and were able to score some free tickets! (Also, the children's section has a good-sized play area the baby was a big fan of)

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