Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tot Travels: Jackson, Wyoming

We recently took a little summer road trip to Jackson, Wyoming.
Ryan and I visited Jackson for our babymoon in March of last year, when there was still snow on the mountains and the weather was still pretty chilly. It was really neat for us to get to see it in the summertime too.
We stayed at the Painted Buffalo Inn. It was a lot pricier than hotels we normally like to stay in, but it was one of the only ones with any vacancy and Jackson is just a pricey place.
(The first thing our kid does in every hotel room is swipe the remote and open up all the drawers // view of the ski slopes from our hotel)
We always bring a lot of our own food to save money when we travel, and also because we both seem to feel a lot better when we eat our own healthy items instead of being bogged down by restaurant food. We ate at the Lotus Cafe on our babymoon, though, and knew we just had to come back. Ryan had his favorite, the bison burger. I desperately wanted to try the elk lasagna but it's only served after 5:30 so I enjoyed a simple and delicious bowl of vegetable soup. The baby and I also shared a delicious piece of zucchini bread. We also went back for breakfast one morning. Ryan had a simple eggs-meat-potatoes breakfast and I had their gluten free biscuits & (bison sausage) gravy. Delicious! Ryan also had a powdered donut which Baby and I both sample and approved of. We really love this place and I can't recommend it enough to people who eat hippy-ish like us. Everything on their menu is either gluten free, vegan, or both. They also had a lot of grain-free and Paleo items this time around too.
(Unappealing photo of delicious lunch// super unappealing photo of delicious breakfast // proof of powdered donut)
We really love downtown Jackson. We got to see horse-drawn carriages (which of course made for lots of fun horse sounds from the kiddo) and hear a Wild West re-enactment from a distance (we figured the gun sounds would be too loud and scary up close) and it was great to walk around and take it all in. We saw amazing nature photography galleries, checked out bookstores and souvenir shops, admired hand-made items, shared a little ice cream, and toured the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum.
(Downtown Jackson // ice cream shop // antler elk in Ripley’s // one of the antler arches in a downtown Jackson park)
All-in-all, it was a really great adventure... and this all took place BEFORE we explored the Grand Tetons, which will be getting a post all to themselves. =]


  1. This made me REALLY excited for our baby moon! So funny that it'll be to the same place. ;) We're going to stay at The Lodge which is way pricier than we normally do (Vince talked me out of the Motel 6 haha) so I'm way excited about it! They also offer a free 'healthy' breakfast and have a ton of fruit, yoghurt, etc. I was going to research GF places to eat, but sounds like we'll just eat at the Lotus Cafe for every meal we don't have in our room because that place sounds amazing. I don't even remember the last time I had a donut!!

    1. That's why I moved it up to the top of the list. =]
      I am so excited for you guys!!


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