Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life is Short. Childhood is Shorter.

Sometimes I am struck by this overwhelming urge to do something RIGHT NOW that will make a huge difference for my kid's day.


I let him help me push the stroller even though I'm in a hurry and would really prefer that he ride inside it. I drop whatever I'm in the middle of and take him to the park. I let him ride in that AWFUL car-cart at the grocery store, even though pushing it hurts my wrists and my back and, as I bump into the ninth display table, my pride. I tell Ryan, "Wait, turn around! I think I just saw camels in that church parking lot! And goats!"

And Ryan, he turns around. Because something we frequently talk about over here is the fact that life is short, but childhood is even shorter.


I have been really worried I'd focus too much on one child or the other and not be able to find any balance. I've made myself a few little signs to help me out with that and they all remind me of the same thing: Life is Short. Childhood is Shorter.

I think, I hope, all will be okay as long as I remember to occasionally remember that.

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  1. I love this reminder! I'm definitely a 'focused' person and can easily see myself getting into life mode and forgetting to do fun things, like stopping in a church parking lot for animals.


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