Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tot Travels: Couer d'Alene, Idaho

Happy New Year!

Coeur d'Alene (pronounced Core-duh-Lane) is a gorgeous place. It had been on our list since back when we lived in Minnesota so we eventually made the drive and were so glad we did!

The baby did really well on this long road trip, partly because I used some Swagbucks to rent Veggie Tales movies on the Kindle for free. We try to limit screen time to some extent, but after trying it on this trip we decided screen time is a big free-for-all during road trips from now on.

We stayed at the Sleep Inn and were very impressed. Aside from a few snacks/treats, all of our meals in Cd'A were just grocery meals we'd brought from home or picked up at the health food store.

The Well-Read Moose... sigh, I could spend hours in a place like this. A fabulous little bookstore with delicious chai tea and a tasty gluten free (and paleo!) spiced pumpkin cupcake. They were so friendly and kind there too! The little man didn't want to leave!

We spent a lot of time at Lake Coeur d'Alene and the park next to it. We actually took a little cruise one of the days! It was a 90-minute cruise and it was really cool to see so many things from places on the lake that were only accessible via boat.

People ask all the time about nausea/motion sickness on our travels. I do get carsick, especially while pregnant, but I didn't actually have any issues on this small cruise ship. I've heard that you feel less and less seasickness the bigger your boat is, so that's good news for a big cruise!

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  1. My uncle has a cabin in Post Falls, about 20 minutes from there. I spent two weeks there as a teenager and hated it but now I look at pictures and wish I could go back! Beautiful area!

    1. I definitely understand that! I didn't appreciate the beauty in places around me until I was in my 20s. =/

  2. I've always wondered about sea sickness for would be so awful to be stuck on one sick for however long!!

    Cd'A is definitely beautiful, I didn't know there was a lake there!

    1. I agree, especially on your honeymoon or something!

      The lake is HUGE, 25 miles long and 10 miles wide!


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