Thursday, July 23, 2015

Babywearing: Woven Wraps

My baby girl is the sweetest and most patient baby we have ever seen. It’s just nuts! She’ll sit or lie on her own and just calmly observe the action for a pretty darn long time, at least as far as babies go. And that’s wonderful, but it also makes me feel bad.

While our boy wanted to see the world and explore from the get-go, our daughter is very laid-back and would be happy to just be told about the world while sitting in our laps. She is always happiest when she’s being held.

I liked babywearing a lot with the toddler, but I like it even more with this baby in tow. She is content to hang out on my back while I do dishes, on my chest while I put away laundry or walk her big brother to the park.

I was using my Moby wrap a lot again (no buckles or straps to bother my sensitive skin in this heat, semi light-weight, easier on my back) and was feeling like it’s definitely my favorite carrier. I like our buckle carriers but I love the Moby.

And then I tried a woven wrap.

I love it so, so much! It’s wrapped, like the Moby, but there are a lot of different carries you can do with it since it’s not a stretchy material. Not being stretchy also means I can use it for a long time, even when she’s a toddler, unlike the Moby which I’ve been told many times only works up to about 12lbs if you plan to use it for other children.

It’s also extremely light-weight, which is perfect during these hot summer months.
(Mexican Tliltik Black with blue stripes) 
If you are interested in trying one for yourself (I truly can’t recommend it enough), check out this shop (Etsy, so you’re supporting a small business and a family!) and their very competitive prices. Use the code 10OFFWRAP at the end for an additional 10% off!

I also found this awesome list of woven wrap carries complete with photo diagram for people like me who can't watch YouTube at home.

Have you ever tried a woven wrap? What’s your favorite style of baby carrier? 

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