Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Just Another Wednesday

It wasn’t a special kind of day, just another Wednesday.

I sliced up bananas for our oatmeal and I read my morning devotional out loud, because he asked me to.

I washed his hands and face while the baby cried, then I got her out of her seat and hugged her. I said “I’m sorry you had to wait! I know that’s no fun. But we have to be patient! We have to wait our turn!” and felt both silly and justified.

I set her on the floor to play by her brother and I started the dishes. I had only washed three when I heard, “Mom? MOMMMM?! Play?” and turned my head to see the blondest little boy holding a pig out for me to play with.

I said, “Not right now. Mommy’s doing the dishes.”

And while I was saying it I was thinking, NO. RIGHT NOW. Right now, today, go be the piggy. Because in no time at all he won’t want you to.

So I stopped what I was doing, climbed over the gate, and oinked that little piggy all over the living room.

There were dishes to do, and laundry to put away, and a floor to seep and mop.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about those things.

I was giggling and smiling and having fun with my babies. But I was getting more and more behind every second that I did. And it was consuming my thoughts.

So I got out crayons for my little boy and Sharpies for me. I made myself a reminder and enjoyed my Wednesday.


  1. I LOVE THIS! I wouldn't mind if you made me one and included his coloring. ;)


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