Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Me Time: Freedom's Child

There are days, although they are rare, that I genuinely get no time for myself at all. 

Someone is sick and someone is teething and I’m constantly nursing and diapering and bathing and snuggling, making snacks and lunches and snacks and snacks and snacks, reading this story and wiping that nose and going, going, going. I get them to bed and put away a little laundry and then one of them is back up, too sick to sleep.

Most days, though, I get some time. I work really hard to make sure I get it, in all honesty! I try to synchronize naps. On the days it doesn’t work (like the past four, since my boy has been boycotting naps!), I make sure I get ten or 15 minutes to myself before Ryan and I hang out for the night… and being severely introverted himself, he is more than understanding and is quite happy to take that time for himself too.

Sometimes I read, sometimes I write, and sometimes I sew. Sometimes I spend a few minutes doing each. This week I’ve done a lot of reading. I got sucked into this book, Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller, which I received through Blogging for Books.

A brief synopsis: Freedom Oliver, who is a member of the Witness Protection Program, goes on a mission when she finds out her biological daughter was kidnapped. In the meantime readers are taken on a crazy ride while they see just how twisted is the family who landed her in WPP in the first place, and that the family who adopted her children may have some secrets of their own.

So on the one hand, this book really grabbed my attention and I was extremely interested in finding out how it all ended. At the same time, I was offended on the second page and felt honestly guilty for reading such an R-rated (way worse, I think?) book. It was really vulgar and filled with drugs, sex, violence, and the foulest of foul language. So if none of that bothers you, it’s a really gripping story. If you’re sensitive to things like that, I highly recommend that you DON’T read it!

I love to get sucked into a really good book, especially suspenseful thrillers. But it seems like an awful lot of them are R-rated. Something’s gotta give and I often end up going ahead and reading the R-rated book.

Have you read Freedom’s Child? Do you read R-rated books? And most importantly, do you know of any not-so-R-rated suspense/thrillers?!

Book provided by Blogging for Books, opinions provided by me

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  1. This has been like the hardest thing for me, getting time to myself and when I do feeling like I'm not doing enough to enjoy it.


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