Friday, August 7, 2015

Prayer Request

Well today was eventful.

I had a really great morning, met a new mom friend at the park and really hit it off, plus her little girl was positively ADORABLE with my little man.
We got home in time to spend a few minutes with Ryan on his lunch break before the kids' naps. I mentioned to Ryan that my lower jaw felt bruised and I wasn't sure why.

Around 3ish, the whole right side of my face all the way down to my collarbone was just killing me. I could feel some swelling in my upper wisdom tooth area so I knew it was from that. I called to see if I could get an appointment for Monday morning but they wanted me to come in to make sure it wasn't an abscess of sorts. Both my upper and lower wisdom teeth on the right side were infected and they want the teeth out ASAP.

So now all the sudden I'm learning how to pump (how to REALLY pump!), because Tuesday morning I'm getting those teeth pulled. Definitely wasn't expecting that! So prayers are very greatly appreciated!

If you like thorough directions, specific prayer requests: Pain, both now and after the extractions // A good helper for Tuesday afternoon (I'll need someone to help me from then until bedtime on Tuesday since Ryan closes, but then he'll be off to help me all day Wednesday and Thursday and I'm going to call our church tomorrow and see what I can get figured out) // success pumping, plus success getting baby girl to take a bottle! (My aunt suggested giving her a sippy cup of milk while her brother drinks from his sippy cup if she won't take a bottle, definitely a good idea!) // fast recovery!

I dug up this old picture because I think this is a far cuter example of what I might look like when all is said and done. Pardon my shirt, or lack-thereof.
circa 2009
I know you are all devastated at the prospect of missing blog posts so I have excellent news: I'm ahead enough that you will not even know anything is happening, aside from the fact that you are reading this post.

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  1. Love you and make sure you take the pain meds before you need them. Stay on top of it and you'll do way better.


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