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Business first: VeggieTales giveaway winner, chosen by, was Steffani! Hooray, my sweet friend! I'll get it in the mail soon-ish. ;]
If you didn't win, fear not! I've got another giveaway already in the works. =] 

Last week we started pre-school at home, just to see how it might go.

I’ve been excited about it since before I got pregnant. I always thought we would start it at four years old, not three, and definitely not two… but I’ve been excited, and my toddler has a deep love for learning and an almost-as-deep love for structure. So we gave it a try.

I still think the most important learning at age two comes from play, so we were super light on the schooling this week.

Each morning we’d do a 10-15 minute lesson, then we’d read a chapter from our read-aloud book during baby’s pre-nap nursing session, then we’d do another 10-15 minute lesson in the afternoons.
The verdict is that we both absolutely loved it and will definitely be continuing it. We are officially homeschooling. Exciting stuff. =]

I switched it up a lot more than I probably normally would because I was testing out a bunch of options and seeing what might work best for us. Because I am Type A-and-a-Half (list everything out, already know what I’m wearing and eating and doing this time next week, forever list out goals and plans and schedules and systems … but am totally cool with changing those things and never achieve my goals and don’t really mind) I already had all of our plans typed up and I thought I’d share them here, just in case you’re curious.

I have been giving myself $1-3 from every paycheck for the past three years to spend on homeschooling supplies. This has proven to be surprisingly sufficient between Dollar Tree, the dollar spot section at Target, and yard sales/thrift stores. I also like to use trade credit from trading in my own used books, take-a-book-leave-a-book stations, the library, and my beloved Swagbucks.

Colors & ShapesMickey Mouse Clubhouse flashcards, Shapes book
   This week’s plans: He already knows all of his colors so more shapes from both the flashcards and the book.
Alphabet… The ABC song, of course. Alphabet flashcards from Target, My Book of Bible ABCs (and accompanying music CD)
   This week’s plans: ABC song, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Counting: sang Five Little Monkeys, counted out snacks together, read Pigs Love Potatoes
   This week’s plans: read 10 Tiny Puppies, watch and count ten cars out the window
Health: Read the exercise and nutrition sections in My Body (Scholastic discover more), talked about ways we can move our bodies to be healthy, and talked a lot about healthy snacks and meals. He has been really enjoying picking out which helltee foots and bedjies we should eat with each meal now.
   This week’s plans: Continue talking about fruits and veggies at mealtimes, read about bones in My Body.
Spanish: I made three flash cards for him this week (cat, book, water) and I plan to add two or three new ones every week. I thought it would be a good idea to focus on words he already says clearly and frequently in English
   This week’s plans: two new flashcards (bird, apple) and read Eres Mi Madre?.
I guess you’d consider this English, but I mostly just did it for fun: read DearTabby and Letters From a Desperate Dog, and then wrote a letter to Ayingeneye and to our other sponsor child.
   This week’s plans: Read The Day the Crayons Quit (we’ve read it before and it’s super cute, even if you aren’t homeschooling), write a letter to one of his little cousins

He picked A Little Princess as our read-aloud book this week so that’s what we’ll be reading for the next few weeks. He is a very avid reader and sometimes asks for another chapter of the read-aloud book at naptime or before bedtime. I don’t think this is that common among this age group. I usually have him play quietly while I read so he colors, builds with his blocks, or plays with a page from the busy book my friend Steffani sent us.

I tried so many things because I wanted to see what he was actually interested in (I do not at all want to push something he’s not into right now) but he was honestly interested in all of it. I also tried a few different methods (books, singing, flashcards, activities) and none of them seemed to be any more or less exciting to him. I am guessing this is because it’s all so new and he’ll have clear favorites soon enough, but we’ll find out!

Are you interested in a little re-cap of our pre-school finds every few weeks, or not really?

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  1. This is so exciting!! I really like the structured yet relaxed aspect of it. I want a frequent recap so when the time is here, I can start it with Lil D!


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