Monday, August 17, 2015

VeggieTales Giveaway

It’s been way too hot around these parts and we don’t have an air conditioner in our house so I made my little guy another pair of lounge shorts a few weeks ago.

I got this cute VeggieTales fabric at Hancock Fabrics. I was there to buy something else and couldn’t pass this up. I tell myself it’s okay since I had a coupon. Our strict budget only allowed me to buy a quarter yard of the fabric and I wasn’t sure what to make with it until my friend Steffani suggested another pair of shorts. Oh, yeah!

My kiddo is very much a VeggieTales fan, and so am I. The stories are cute, the lessons are important, and the stories always end with a Biblical lesson.

Today I’m giving away one of our favorite VeggieTales DVDs, Lord of the Beans. This one is a Lord of the Rings spoof that teaches a lesson about using your gifts. Ryan and I both quote this one all the time and it's definitely one of the toddler's favorites. You can keep it for yourself or give it to a friend. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what spice you use most in your kitchen (I definitely think mine is garlic powder) and an e-mail address I can contact you at if you win. That’s it!

For additional, optional entries you can
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-Donate to Ayingeneye’s cause. I’m getting nervous we won’t meet our goal by Christmas so you get TWO extra entries for every dollar you donate. Just leave two comments here for every dollar you give.


  1. I already have this one but I could give it to my sister's kids.

    Kris Stirling...

  2. I would definitely say garlic powder as well! My favorite 'exotic' one I use would be curry or turmeric.

    (Side note: I loooooooved Veggie Tales in middle school and had all the songs memorized! I even sing some to Devin now! haha)

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  5. The link for Ayingeneye isn't working! :(

  6. Garlic salt! - Amanda

  7. Is it creepy I follow you're everything.... And freshly cracked black pepper and any type of ms dash. Tomato and basil I use with butter on baked chicken. Family loves it

  8. Oh and pirates who don't do anything is a daily here πŸ˜€


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