Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Motherhood Is

Motherhood is a constant numbness of the shoulders from forever carrying a sleeping toddler or infant around. It is sticky hugs and kisses. It’s admiring tiny veins in sleepy eyelids, feeling your heart shatter into a million pieces as the site of a quivering lip. It’s staying up late to sew VeggieTales shorts or a new pillowcase dress, spending more time in the children’s section of the library. It’s catching yourself shouting, “RED JEEP!” when you’re driving to Target by yourself. It’s a slowness that can only come from smelling every flower and picking up every rock on the way to your destination. It’s picnics and hikes and special trips to WalMart where you can see books and fish. Motherhod is the wholeness that comes only from the feeling of a tiny chest rising and falling on your own. It’s the hopes and dreams that lead you to collect classic books from yard sales, to draw up plans for the funnest of fun bedrooms, to fantasize about summers spent traveling in a tiny trailer together. It’s the excited feeling you get when you find shoes or shirts with their favorite characters on them, the way you always care twice as much as they do. It’s a willingness to mess up the living room with a blanket fort together, the willingness to clean it up all by yourself when the fun is over and the kids have moved on. It’s the way you feel when their eyes light up. It’s the great lengths you’ll go to just to hear them laugh at the same time. It’s missing the pieces of your marriage that can only exist pre-parenthood, while at the same time cherishing the pieces that can only exist with little ones in tow. Motherhood is an hour spent re-reading the same book on the couch when you really need to go move the laundry to the dryer, because this is better. It’s thoroughly sweeping the floor after every meal and still getting ants, it’s kiddie songs and cartoons and incessant requests for snacks. It’s spending a morning crying tears of frustration, then spending naptime tucked in between two sleeping blessings and writing about motherhood while tears of gratitude run down your cheeks.

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  1. Beautiful! Makes me wish I capture those moments just one more time!


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