Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Rover

I’ve tried typing some things up probably 20 times and they never come out right. They sound judgey or blaming or boring.

So now I’m just going to type. And it might come out judgey and blaming and boring but I just have to get this off my chest or my heart will explode. So just bear with me here please.

I believe God created me, and you, to help people. I believe he gave us money so we could get by and then help other people. I believe he brought you to my blog, whether you’ve never met me or have known me my entire life, so you could help Ayingeneye. I believe we are all in this beautiful but devastating world together for a reason.

I picture it like a game of Red Rover. We’re all on one team. We all have our arms linked. The world tries to get through. It throws out natural disasters and we tighten our arm links by donating blood and by volunteering to re-build houses. It throws out death and we tighten our arm links by dropping off a meal and by talking about happy times with those who have been lost.

It throws out poverty and malnourishment, head lice, parasitic drinking water, unsteady and even nonexistent income, rape, malaria, AIDS, mothers burying babies who died of starvation… and we tighten our arm links by sponsoring children through Compassion to get them out of those situations, to get them and their families closer to the cushy and luxurious lives we so often taken for granted over here.

I’ve been fundraising for a long time. I’m always trying to rally others into helping out. Donate your hair to Locks of Love with me next month! Fill up Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with me next month! Let’s raise X number of dollars for this single mother/ old friend with cancer/ new friend whose mom has an inoperable brain tumor! Knit hats for NICU babies with me this month! Let’s sponsor Ayingeneye as a team! But I have hit my goal exactly zero times.

I used to be so embarrassed by that.

Now I am just deeply wounded by it.

I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I have tried. I have believed with all my heart that a difference could be made and I have tried to make that difference. I have talked about it with my little boy who doesn’t always even understand. But he will. He will grow up knowing that what’s important is that we try ourselves, even if we can’t seem to rally others together for it.

You guys, please. I am begging you here. Please helpmake a difference in Ayingeneye’s life. It makes me sick to my stomach, physically ill, to imagine having to cancel sponsorship to her.
Please, please donate $3. Right now. Please do not consider donating and please do not just not donate. Three bucks. That’s a movie without a popcorn. It’s water instead of soda when you go out to eat. It’s putting back the box of cookies in your grocery cart. It’s walking to work or streamlining your errands so you can save just one gallon of gas. It’s re-watching a movie you already have at home or borrowing one from a friend instead of renting one. It’s selling a purse or a CD that’s collecting dust in the top of your closet, trading in used books at a store that offers you cash for the exchange.

I know you can find $3 in your budget. Every one of you. I’m not asking for a lot, and yet I’m asking for the greatest thing you could possible give! Life! I am begging you tonight, please, restore my faith in humanity. Prove to me that I am not so despicable that people can’t stand to follow me. Prove to me that there is still goodness and love in this world, that I am not going to be caught standing all by myself in a field somewhere when Red Rover sends the next big thing over. Click here to donate to Ayingeneye. If you’re feeling really passionate, pick a child of your own to sponsor! I’d love to hear about that if you do.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

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