Thursday, October 8, 2015


I used to measure success by things that make me sad now. By the size of a house, by the make of a vehicle, by a job title or a perceived income.

Now I measure it quite differently.

I feel successful when I get a love letter or a sweet note from my husband. When I get a healthy meal on the table and it’s not even anyone’s bedtime yet. When I finish reading to my babies and they want to stay in my lap to read more. When I pick backyard raspberries that I grew. When I see the percentage I saved on my grocery receipt. When I make something with my own two hands. When I rock my baby to sleep. When I whisper to my husband, “We made them!” When Ryan and I are discussing financial goals and business plans and he says, “I don’t even care what I do, I just want it to let me be with you guys more often.” When I get both of my children laughing at the same time. Oh, that sound! When we’re all four snuggling together on a lazy morning. When I pour my heart into a blog post and get a really sweet e-mail the next day. When the pastor preaches that we all need to try to be sensitive and compassionate people, but I was already crying because they played a touching worship song before the service. When my kid shows kindness to another kid. When my husband cancels his evening plans and says, “I just feel like hanging out with my wife tonight.” 

These are the times I know I have been successful in life so far. 

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