Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Sparkle

We picked Ryan up from work on Friday and then rushed downtown to catch the tail end of our town’s light parade and Christmas light kick-off.

The toddler’s eyes had that sparkle, the one I’ve been excited about for months, and I couldn’t help but brush away a few tears as I watched him watch it all.

He wore his new snowman shirt and Baby Sister wore her new Santa dress. Both were completely obscured by coats but he knew they were wearing them and that was the important part.

His eyes lit up with each new site and he chatted and giggled through the whole event.

“Ooooh, look, purple ones!”
“Look, Mama! Rudolph!”
“Oh I LOVE dis Christmas tree!”

It was one of those moments you imagine the whole time you’re pregnant, maybe even before you actually get pregnant.

I snuggled my girl, so cuddly in her furry bear coat-suit, and watched her big brother fall in love with Christmas.

Someday my heart will feel like it’s shattering because he’ll be spending his first Christmas away from me. I get, God-willing, 18 guaranteed Christmases with him. After that, who knows? I’m glad I’ll always have these precious memories to reflect on. 

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