Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tot Travels: Missoula, MT

On our first day we drove there and arrived late enough in the day that we didn't really have time to enjoy a whole lot. We played at McCormick Park and then relaxed in our hotel (Broadway Inn Conference Center) before bedtime/HouseHuntersTime.

The next morning we woke up and got breakfast from The Good Food Store. We were given far too many amazing GF options and had quite the feast. I made a breakfast burrito using eggs, potatoes, veggies and Turkey sausage. The little guy had hot cereal with berries and we also shared a lemon donut. Ryan got eggs, bacon, potatoes, cofee, and a cinnamon donut. (He saved the other for dessert later)

After breakfast we checked out Caras Park. Ryan and the little guy rode the horses on A Carousel for Missoula and then we hung around Dragon Hollow (the playground). Some guy was chasing his kids around screaming like a monster and it was sad but adorable to see the little man clinging to Ryan's leg and whispering, "Monster!" Ryan kept assuring him that it wasn't a real monster, and besides, Daddy would keep him safe. So then he'd play again. We put the babies down for naps and then we had a delicious dinner (soup for me, pizza for the boys) at MacKenzie River Pizza Co. And then it was bedtime/ AlaskanBushPeopleTime.

Saturday we hiked Sentinal Trail, which is a 1/2 mile hike up to the M on the side of the mountain. The little guy climbed almost the whole half mile by himself. He hated being carried and he cried when we were all done. I guess he is going to be quite the little hiker! After the hike we had lunch and put the babies down for naps, then we went back out to check out a local thrift store and the Cabela's Outpost.

We also got a few postcards from our hotel lobby (and one from A Carousel for Missoula) so our little guy had a lot of fun coloring those for family during downtime... and we all enjoyed some pretty delicious banana bread from The Good Food Store after we got back home.

In general, it was a really fun trip. I think Missoula has a lot of fun stuff to offer adults and children so if you're passing through, live nearby, or have just always wanted to check out Montana, be sure to add Missoula to your list.

Have you ever visited Missoula? What did you do? 

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