Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Joys II

18 week bump... I did NOT expect it to be this big already and I'm definitely nervous for the upcoming months! Send me all the tents and XXXL potato sacks you can find!

Look! This snowman wear a backwards hat JUST LIKE ME!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, all the way, HEYYYYYY!

Baby iss so mad a you, Mommy. Not want you paint a feet green. Paint not go on feet. Go on paper. Bad choice, Mommy.

I have one of these for both of my first babies' first Christmases, and I already have the frame ready for one year from now... hard to believe! I got the frames for I think $3.99 at Michaels two years ago and used cheap paint + ribbon from my craft box.

Dear Jesus, thank you for day. Thank you Daddy’s job, Name in a Book*, baby in Mommy’s tummy, Kirabo an Gen, Christmas tree, Christmas presents, Christmas cookies, Christmas movies, Christmas songs, Christmas lights. I love Christmas. Help me have good kind heart. Amen.
*Obviously we talk business in front of the children too much =/

Oooh, a Christmas light stroller walk!? WITH DADDY?! Let’s rock!

Me read dis a you Baby? Okay. Dis Baby Jesus. Mommy ride a donkey and Baby Jesus sleep wif animals. Grow up an have a beard, like Daddy!

Immaculate brand's gluten-free dairy-free fudge brownie cookie dough... pretty darn good, but much prefer their chocolate chip

On his Dollar Tree trip with Ryan…
“Look at dis!”
“Is that for Mommy?”
“No. Me eat it.”
“Okay but right now we’re here to buy a present for Mommy.”
“I already told you. Me eat.”

Good morning, Mommy! Ready a open all da presents?

“Do you remember why we celebrate Christmas?”
“Iss Jesus birfday! Go Jesus, go Jesus, go Jesus, GO, GO!”

On the naked booty-butt page of It's Christmas David: "Oh, YUCK!"

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