Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Happiness Lately

-Tiny squirms and twitches in my slowly-growing baby bump

-Our sweet girl saying “hi,” “Dad,” and her brother’s name… and signing I love you in sign language <3

-Nursing my girl in my warm bed and hearing my little guy talking to his dad in the living room at 6:30am. “Look a me hat, Daddy! Iss Santa! Wewwy Cwissmas! Ho-ho-ho!”

-Soup, glorious soup. Specifically homemade zuppa or broccoli-potato.

-“Mom? I so mad at Daddy.” “Oh, I’m sorry. Why are you mad at Daddy?” “Daddy no work! Me sit in Daddy lap, watch Monkey George Christmas again an again.”

-See’s Candy, y’all. Ryan and I both absolutely adore the Butterscotch Squares and each got one the other day. Heaven. They had a small box of just the Butterscotch Squares for $10 and I was thissss close to breaking our budget and buying them but I refrained.

-My boy's deep love for the holiday season

-Complete strangers having found the perfect Christmas gift through our website! It’s working, guys! People are hearing about it and are finding books for the children they love. =] 
Thank you so much to all of you who have liked us on Facebook and shared us with your family and friends. We sure appreciate you! 

-The smell of cinnamon and pine when I walk into a store

-This great quote from the VeggieTales Jonah movie we watched the other night: “I wanted to be big and important, just like you. But the world doesn’t need more people who are big and important. It needs more people who are nice and compassionate.”

-A simple repeat breakfast: two Applegate savory turkey sausage links, cashew milk-chocolate hazelnut butter-banana-spinach-chia seed smoothie

-A hot water bottle or a hot bath for my sad, aching lower back each night

-Family advent calendar activities

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