Monday, December 7, 2015

Miniature Mirror

My son is completely, 100% him. He has thoughts, ideas, opinions that are all his own. He has fears, frustrations, excitement, joys, which are completely separate from Ryan and me.

And yet he is a miniature mirror.

He smacks his baby sister even though we do not. He is afraid of monsters even though we are not. His favorite color is purple even though ours are black and gray.

But when he shows his sister love, we get to see our own love being paid forward. It’s a pretty beautiful thing.

It’s in the way he “reads” her stories and explains certain illustrations to her. It’s in the way he pats her back and says “What’s a matter, honey?” It’s in the way he brings her favorite toys over if she’s sick or hurt.
"Daaaaaad! Help! Zip a me pack-pack? Isss hard."
We see it when he reaches up and caresses my face and says “I so glad I your mama.”

He’s starting to really play pretend now and it is so fun and awesome to eavesdrop on.

The other day he had his animal figurines out and was making them talk.
He picked up the bear and bounced it around and said, “Me so hungry! Me daddy make me a snack.”
Then Tiger took a turn bouncing around and said, in a deep voice, “Here you go buddy. I make you cereal an raisins! Is your snack tastes good? Here’s your water.”

When he wakes up in the morning he sneaks into our bed and says, “Good morning honey. You sleep good?”

When the baby wakes up from her morning nap he shouts “BABYYYYYY! YOU AWAKE! I SO HAPPY A SEE YOU!”

He also sometimes says to Ryan, “Hi, Husband! How was your day?” so I guess he is mirroring our marriage too. 


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