Wednesday, December 30, 2015


(originally found on Camp Patton)

Today I am…

Giving away free PDF copies of my post-apocalyptic fiction novel, The End, in exchange for review. Click here to fill out a short form for a copy.

Working on revisions for my upcoming marriage book.

Wearing bangs. 
Ryan always likes them on me but I never like the time I have to put into them or how they brush across my forehead. I surprised him with bangs as a kind of Christmas gift. He decided shortly afterwards to not shave his face until a January work thing so I am going to cut bangs more often. ;]

Reading The Fringe Hours. I like to start my mornings with a simple devotional or a chapter of an inspirational Christian living book. I just started this one but so far I like it.  I’m also planning to read How to Build Your $1,000 Emergency Fund in 30 Days over the next few days. (I got the eBook version for free at the time I purchased it!)

Craving broccoli mac and cheese (specifically the GF white cheddar stuff by Horizon) with a strawberry milk shake. I’m going to pick up frozen strawberries on my way home tonight and enjoy the beautiful deliciousness at lunchtime tomorrow.

Laughing about B’s (baby girl) fun new sound. It’s like a weird squeal-laugh and she only does it when it’s silent so A(the toddler) and I are startled.

Making a present for a friend’s baby!

Crying over Baby A’s tiny feet being big toddler feet now. I have a photo frame of each baby’s first Christmas photo with their footprints on the side of it. It’s been up all month but for some reason packing it away made me really take a look at it. Motherhood is so crazy. It rips my heart to shreds and mends it wholly day after day. I always call it a beautiful heartbreak.

Watching Beauty and the Beet. Over and over and over again. It was definitely an excellent Christmas gift but man, am I tired of those same songs. It’s a good thing Kellie Pickler has a nice voice.

Smiling because Baby B took a few unassisted steps and keeps trying to do more. I sure do love these baby stages and am so excited to get to do it all again soon.

Daydreaming about one of my wife coupons. (Ryan and I make each other coupons for every holiday and he gives some pretty good ones!) I am trying to decide how I want to spend my two hours of uninterrupted alone time. Normally my “alone time” only happens when I’m out working at the coffee shop. Little A doesn’t nap anymore and Baby B is a horrible night sleeper who refuses to go to bed without me right now, plus Ryan isn’t working closing shifts anymore. So legitimate alone time, and such a nice chunk of it, sounds so glorious! Some of my ideas right now: aqua aerobics class, browsing a bookstore, a cheap massage/pedicure, treating myself to lunch + a good book, a girly movie?! What would YOU spend it on?

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