Tuesday, January 19, 2016

100 Happy Things

Lately I’ve been going through a rough patch. I’m pregnant and tired, we’re all sick with colds, and our family has been through the ringer with a health issue for the past eight months. There is a never-ending supply of work and feelings. I’m just sad and tired and frustrated some days.

But something I always find so profound is just how many wonderful, happy things there are in my life even during seasons like this. So without further ado, 100 happy things:

Baby feet. Answered prayers. A’s new Dollar Tree cowboy hat, proudly paid for with his own money. Kids who cheerfully eat their veggies. The sweet release that comes with a sneeze during a bad cold. Watching our 2016 business goals look more and more like a reality. Letters in the mail. Text messages just to say hello. Our new knock-off Magna Doodle from the Dollar Tree which bought me time in lines and waiting rooms all week. Productive days. Browsing bolts of fabric I’m not going to buy and imagining all the beautiful things I’d like to create with them. Heart-printed baby dresses. Finding $5 on the sidewalk by my mailbox.

Baking cookies with Baby A. Sweet blogging friends. Watching deer nose through the snow to find a snack. Leggings with tunics. The sonogram photo on the mantle next to photos of Baby A and Baby B. Comfy sweaters. Meaty suspense novels. “Oooh, wow, look at dat moon, guys!” Library day. A season filled with ideas I will someday have time to write about. Fluffy towels straight from the dryer. Bursts of independent playtime throughout the day so I can get a few chores done. Sending letters and photos to Ayingeneye and our other sponsor child (please consider making a donation here! We put last month’s contribution on a credit card but I’m very hopeful we can all work together to sponsor her again in 2016).

Baby B learning to walk! Candy Land. Knowing there are only about four months until we meet our third sweet baby. Love from this sweet family even on the days I don’t really deserve it. Views of snow-capped mountains. Early morning quiet time when Baby C wakes me up with her kicks and tumbles before her brother and sister can beat her to it. Naptime rest. Beanie weather to make up for days I don’t have time to fix my bangs. Wondering if my toddler can somehow understand his sister’s babbles—“What you say, Baby? Oh, okay, sure. You can play wif dis.” Slowwwwly finishing a sewing project for a friend’s baby. Daily devotionals that fit our situation through perfectly divine intervention. Belly kicks. Snuggling. Learning hand lettering skills so I can make my inspiring notes-to-self prettier. Brainstorming activities for Baby B’s first birthday next month… and naturally talking about A’s birthday wishes too. 

One chapter every morning from books that inspire me to be the person I want to be. Watching A ride his bike in the empty garage. Ryan setting up Guitar Hero so he can sing to B while A plays the guitar and I finish getting dinner on the table. Baby B’s new six-tooth smile. Tea. Free pregnancy magazines through my midwife’s office. Photos that transport me back in time. Hearing A sing the VeggieTales Belly Button song. Microfleece blankets. Strangers who hold the door open when my hands are full of stroller/baby. Free samples of things I normally pay for. Laughing with my hilarious husband. Amazing support from the world’s great husband and the world’s greatest best friend.

A’s serious interest in the new baby. Cloudy skies. Hope from the church’s moms group. Music. Your Pregnancy Week by Week. Bows in Baby B’s hair. Hot chocolate. Reusable baby food pouches filled with chocolate-banana-peanut butter-spinach-chia smoothies. Bible verses read at exactly the right time. B getting the hang of things and rolling trucks around with her big brother. A often replying to our requests with “Uh, go fish” thanks to VeggieTales’ Jonah. Long emails. Valentines pronounced frash-in-gines. Encouraging Fuzzy socks. Hugging these sweet family members. Journaling. 

An accidental family adventure on the way to take care of a business errand. Breastfeeding. Inspirational quotes. Recycling pick-up being back on track after the holidays so we no longer look like cardboard hoarders. Having a slow cooker again. Interviews for my new book. Watching my husband pull our babies around the yard in the sled. Finding books with Baby C’s name in them. Clean sheets. Walks through the snow. Holding my husband’s hand. My midwife’s office estimating an earlier due date (even though I’m still telling myself it’s the later one so I don’t lose my mind again at the end of this pregnancy).

Finding a Big Brother shirt for $.50 at Goodwill. Baths. Birds flocking to the tree in our front yard. Building my book launch team! Christmas lights still hanging up over the window since A cries at the idea of putting them away. B’s hilarious and precious new kisses… “Bwahhhh!” Soup. Stealing kisses from my husband. Sweet compliments on things I made by hand. At-home date nights. Foot rubs. Making sweet new friends. Meeting writing deadlines I was worried I couldn’t meet. Pulling out our newborn baby girl clothes again. The big blue exercise ball that soothes my aching hips. Browsing sweet going-home pajamas. My recumbent bike.

What happiness is filling up your life these days?

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