Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Daily Prayer

Yesterday our pastor talked about New Years Resolutions and how only 8% of people achieve these goals.
I don't tell you about this because I want to discourage you, but rather because the message was so inspiring to me that I just had to share it.
He talked about how this 92% of people fail and how it's probably because they're relying only on themselves to meet these goals rather than handing them to God.
So I got home from church and I wrote a kind of script for myself to use in my morning prayer time. It's something specific enough I can just read from it when I don't have the words, but open enough that I can pour my heart into it and adjust it wherever my heart needs at the time.
Have you ever written up any kind of daily prayer to reach your goals? This is a first for me but I'm very excited about it!

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