Sunday, January 17, 2016


Lately birds have been flocking to the tree in our front yard at random intervals. There are no birds and then there is suddenly an apocalyptic blur of black across the window as they all rush over at once, so many at a time that branches bow under their weight.

Baby A and I stare in amazement and one of us shouts, “The birds are back again!”

They fill the tree until it looks like it is covered in black leaves, a site I am desperate to eventually be quick enough to photograph… and as soon as the last bird has landed they all take off and fly away again. They might do it one or two more times that day, or they might not. We never know when to expect them.

It’s so amazing to get to see, but more especially to get to see my two-year-old’s reaction to the sight.
Marriage and motherhood will always be so impressive to me. I love that I was designed for these people, and they for me, so that we could all share in this life together and repeatedly learn from each other.

As an introvert I like to do many, many things by myself… but I am also often surprised by how many of my favorite things are made better when I’m sharing them with my husband and/or children. Some things, like reading and writing, are best done alone and are even frustrating to try to do with other people being active around me. Other things, like travelling and hiking, are always made even better when I’m sharing them with people I care about.  

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