Friday, January 15, 2016

Selfish Wish List

Right now every extra penny is going towards building up our emergency savings or covering business expenses. If it wasn’t though, and funds were more… infinite… this would be my wish list:

1. Prenatal massage. Not the kind where they have never technically done this before, have you lie on your side, and interrupt your peace every two minutes to say “Is that okay?” The kind where they have a belly cutout in their table because they do this all the time. I’ve only had the first kind, and only once. One bad massage in three pregnancies. One more than a lot of women get… but remember, this is rich and selfish Sarabell talking. She gets all the great belly cutout massages and scoffs at anything less.

2. Personal chef/nanny/housekeeper. This is one person. Basically, here’s the deal: I like to feed my family healthy and home-cooked meals but I don’t always like to cook them. I used to really love cooking (I sometimes still do) but most nights I am like, “Seriously? All you people want to eat AGAIN? I just fed you.” So maybe this person could just be ready for any day when I shout, “I don’t feel like cooking!” I like to play with my kids and pretty much just spend my days hanging out with them and then do chores around their times of independent play. But I don’t like changing diapers or hanging out in the bathroom with people who are using the toilet. So this nanny could take care of those things with gentleness and precision, then scrub her hands even better than I do. She should also clean. I just don’t like it. I’d rather sneak into the laundry room to indulge in a pregnancy craving or put my feet up with a good book or something.

3. One or two nights in a hotel. I so wish we could make this work at the end of February, just one last weekend of relaxation before the stress of a new business and then a newborn/ THREE UNDER FOUR takes over for a while. I would like to Skype with our parents and then get caught up on my Internet work and printing our digital scrapbook while hanging out with Ryan and watching my sweet babies sleep. I would get lots of work done while we watched House Hunters or any number of cool Alaska shows. We’d explore whatever town we were in and then when the children were napping I’d waddle my way down to the pool to water-jog with a good book. Someone else would make breakfast. Delightful. This is probably number one for me. I told Ryan I was going to start a daycare business in our house to make this happen before I realized, wait, I am barely keeping up with our own two children. Plus I hate hand-foot-mouth disease.

4. This couch. I call the lounge part a snuggle bench because Ryan and I can very comfortably snuggle on these.

5. One of these shirts in every color. (They often carry more than just black or white). They’re my favorite, favorite breastfeeding/maternity shirts. I wear them under low-cut blouses/dresses, with sweaters/hoodies, and by themselves at bedtime. And by “them,” I mean “it” because I only have one stained white one now. Saddest story, right?

Thank you for indulging me in my materialism. I’ll go back to being good and frugal now, but first I’d like to know what’s on YOUR selfish wish list?

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  1. my selfish wish list is to be able to spend time with my family more. I ache inside sometimes with loneliness for my children and grandchildren. I have lots of friends. I seem to make them where ever I go, but they cannot fill the void of a child or grandchild


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