Monday, February 1, 2016

Join My Book Launch Team!

I’m very excited for the release of my new book, For the Love of Marriage, on April 12th.
The book is a collection of essays capturing the positive, beautiful side of marriage, all written from a Christian perspective. It is not by any means a book of advice and I hope it will refuel and rekindle your happy feelings for the guy you fell in love with however long ago.

If you’re thinking thoughts about how cool it is that I am a real-live author, let me bring you back to reality.
"When me get bigger, me write books. No. Me have a big job, like Daddy. No write books! Thass silly!"

If you are interested in enjoying a free copy of the book before its release date, consider joining my book launch team!
What does this mean?

1. You get a free PDF copy of the book!
2. You share the book somewhere at least once before the book’s launch. You pin it on a Pinterest board, share that you’re reading it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, mention it on your blog, etc.
3. You review it on, and maybe own personal blog
after it has officially launched. (And maybe you share it somewhere on social media again, if you’re feeling extra generous)
4. You get entered into several drawings for a few super fun & awesome prizes like gift cards, prizes of your choice from Etsy shops, surprise care packages, etc.

If you’re interested, fill out this super short “application.” Please also share this opportunity with any family or friends you think might enjoy the book. I’d like to build a team of 100 ladies from all walks of life throughout the month of February.

And on that note, Happy February! 

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