Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Proverbs 31 Wife

The other day I had contractions keeping me awake around 5am. They stopped once I got up but then I was wide awake. So I went to the living room and started my day. I read a chapter of Desperate and one of my daily devotionals, said my morning prayer and wrote a few lines in my happiness journal.

I remembered that I had a ham & cheese omelet in the freezer for Ryan so I started cooking that so he could enjoy it instead of a bagel.

Then I worked on the computer until Baby A got up. I dutifully sat in the bathroom with him and read him books, then just as he was done I heard Baby B waking up. I got them breakfast, kissed Ryan good morning and got his breakfast, ate my own, cleaned the kitchen,... let’s get on with it.

I took A to the bathroom like 20 times, changed B’s diaper like 7 times, prepared like 5 different meals/snacks, read like 20 children’s books, put away like 50 pieces of laundry and the same 20 toys like 200 times, cleaned, pounded out like 1,500 words for a writing project while A colored and B napped, kissed owies, mailed a letter, called about a ridiculous bill, and possibly pretended to be doing a chore while actually shoving a cookie into my mouth in the other room.

Just another day, right, Moms?

Then we ate dinner, gave our babies baths, brushed their teeth, read a few bedtime stories, snuggled/nursed them, and tucked them in for the night. I chatted with Ryan for a few minutes and then he went out to work in the garage and I went to a coffee shop to work online.
I got home, chatted with Ryan, got ready for bed, and then at the last minute remembered that I had forgotten to wash colors! Baby A was out of underwear! Sheesh.
So I kissed Ryan goodnight and wrote some more until the laundry was ready to be moved to the dryer.

I was basically asleep before my head hit the pillow but as I was falling I had a simple thought regarding Proverbs 31:18 (She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night.)


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