Saturday, March 5, 2016


Five Travel Dreams
1- Alaska. Oh, Alaska. One of my big, possibly very unattainable goals, is to make it up to Alaska for our ten-year anniversary. Like on one of these Disney Alaska cruises, or any Alaska cruise which would of course be more reasonably priced.
2- The Redwoods! Actually I’d love to do a whole big tour of the Pacific Coast Highway, but I have always wanted to go feel tiny in the midst of all those massive trees.
3- East Coast Road Trip! Ryan and I have big plans to someday, when it’s just the two of us again, fly to New York. We’ll rent a little sports car and zip down the East coast, stopping to see whatever we feel like. Eating New England clam chowder WHILE IN New England! Admiring the gorgeous fall foliage!
4- Africa. Someday we really want to go visit our sponsor child(ren, hopefully!) in Africa through a CompassionInternational trip. We would actually really love to do this with our children as they get older but it depends where we are financially by the time the youngest seems ready.
5- Harry Potter World. You know… for my kids. 

Five Recent Toddler Favorites
"Look! Dey havin' church!"
1- [while staring intently at my ear] “I love your wonderful, beautiful ear, Sweet Baby.”
2- “Baby, you need to listen to me when I tellin’ you sumfink. Turn on you listenin’ ears. Let me see. Come on, turn on you listenin’ ears. BABY! TURN ON YOU LISTENIN’ EARS!...” [this went on for a really long time, even with my intervening]
3- Me: What do you want for a snack? A: “I fink I like some pudding.” Me: Pudding? We don’t have any pudding. A: “Oh. Well you can go to da store an buy some. Me an Baby wait right here.”
4- “Oh, hey, Mom. I made a bad choice in the bedroom. But it’s okay. It will be fine.”
5- “I don’t want pizza for dinner. I want a nutritious meal.” [This is from watching Sid the Science Kid learning that he should eat “a nutritious meal” on his birthday instead of just cake… and also, he was about to cry almost immediately after saying it because he of course did want pizza]

Five Books I am Currently Reading

Five Weekend Goals
1- Finish a sewing project I started in… November =/
2- Enjoy a nice long stroller walk/hike
3- Make at least one freezer meal for after Baby gets here
4- Enjoy a 30-minute, distraction-free writing session on both Saturday and Sunday
5- At-home date night with my favorite husband!

Five links for you to enjoy
1- A birth story
2- A super precious book made by a mama for her little girl 
3- Stack of book earrings I kind of want, even though I rarely wear my earrings 
4- Interesting information regarding costs on childbirth, here and elsewhere (Oh my goodness. We would be so incredibly bankrupt if we had had to pay money every time I moaned/cried!!) 

5- I have been working on a writing project about being a Christian introvert so I was initially really disappointed to find that this book exists. My concept is different enough, though, that now I’m over it and even pretty excited to check the book out for myself. =] [Introverts in the Church]


  1. You have to go to Harry Potter world!! Seriously at least once in your life, I think everyone should. (If you're a Harry Potter fan at least of course.)

    Now I'm all curious what sewing project it is. If it makes you feel any better, I too just finished something that I have been working on for months. Life just gets crazy sometimes! You know?

    Also, those book earrings!! Where is the thumbs up emoji when you need it? Ahh I want them.

    1. Oh it just looks so so fun! I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but probably not until my kiddos are older and interested themselves.

      Ugh I still haven't finished it! But it's a gift for someone who reads here so I can't divulge yet!

      Aren't they adorable!?


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