Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sorry for Staring

Sorry for Staring

Sorry if I seemed to be staring at your family every time you looked my way.

It’s just that you have a son and two daughters. That’s what I’m about to have.

I couldn’t help but take in the way you didn’t seem to be at all overwhelmed or harried. I wondered if I will be just as confident, cool and collected as you by the time my children are your children’s ages.

It made me so happy to see how well your children were getting along in that moment. I’m sure they argue and fight but it was pretty clear today, at least to me, that they love each other and are good friends.

Nobody seemed left out. That was such a relief for me to see.

Seeing your family today, the family you’ve clearly worked hard to raise a certain way, was such a blessing to me. The love and kindness you all exhibited just oozed out of you as you all talked and laughed with each other.

I couldn’t help but think that I hope someday a young mom is watching my family and thinking, “Yes. It can be done. My dreams are realistic.”

Thank you. And sorry for staring. 

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