Thursday, March 10, 2016

This Time...

One of my current favorite things to watch in my two-year-old’s development is his grasp of language. Now that he has the basics down he’s starting to pick up things like repetitive phrases and figures of speech.

My least favorite repetitive phrase right now: “this time.”

As in:

Thanks for making dinner this time!

[while I buckle the kids into a grocery store cart, in front of at least five other people]: Thanks for letting us come in the store this time!

Good job, Mom! You peed in the toilet this time!

Ooooh, you givin’ us lunch this time?

[while in a public restroom with a line of women outside the stall]: Thanks for wiping me this time!

Let’s bring Baby this time.

[after I hugged him when he tripped and skinned his knee]: Thanks for being nice to me this time! 

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