Friday, April 29, 2016


(originally found on Camp Patton)

Today I am…

Celebrating my birthday!

Wishing Ryan was off to hang out with me. All I want for my birthday is that guy, every year.

Feeling both excited and nervous since tomorrow is the last day of April and then we enter BIRTH MONTH territory! (Fun fact: Ryan is very convinced Baby will be born today! I am admittedly having a ton of contractions but they [and the baby] are so high up my ribs ache so it’s pretty unlikely)

Wanderlusting over the Pacific Coast Highway. If I had been smarter back in the day, I’d have been saving money up all along so Ryan and I could have gotten a hideous old RV running right away and could have honeymooned by driving from our home in AZ all the way up the Pacific Coast Highway and right on in to Alaska. The problem is we crazy and we’d probably still be there today. I know what you are thinking: How is this a problem? I know. Exactly.

Eating a smoothie since it’s just about all I can stomach right now… and also a creamy gluten free chocolate cake from Kroger stores. It was my birthday cake last year too!

Watching The Office, season six. Ryan found season four for $3 recently so when we found five and six for cheap we picked them up too. My favorite seasons are 4-6, and specifically six since it features THE WEDDING and THE BIRTH. I’m basically just trying to make it to THE BIRTH.

Anticipating the start of labor. I’m all contraction-y and crampy so it’s getting harder and harder to stay patient.

Deciding which birthday dream activities we’ll actually go do this weekend. Even if money were no object, I just can’t handle too many activities in one day right now! But my pipedreams: swimming (oh, to be buoyant for a half hour!), pedicure or massage, trade-in date at a new-to-us used bookstore, park picnic… and boring, but get the house deep cleaned while Ryan is home to help me with the kids/clean and watch the kids while I moan on the couch.

Sewing our big picnic quilt, finally! Steffani told me about someone who used a shower curtain as the backing to make their picnic quilt waterproof, which is kind of genius. Ryan bought some sunglasses at WalMart last weekend and hates them so I am going to exchange them for said shower curtain today, then head home and get cracking. Well. Maybe. I have been up since 4:30 with the aforementioned contractions and hunching around to set and pin the quilt top to the curtain sounds a little bit dreadful. Also. Wait. How do I sew cotton to a shower curtain? Can I use my regular needles? Do I need to use a special setting? Text me, Grandma! Email me, Haylee! Somebody help!

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