Saturday, April 2, 2016

Update on Ayingeneye

I have sad news to report on our "community sponsorship" child, Ayingeneye.

I do not have details on when or how it happened, but the day after I opened the mail to see that we've officially been sponsoring her together for one year, I learned that Ayingeneye's father has passed away.

Not only is this sad for the obvious reason of death, but also because this means Ayingeneye's mother is now the sole provider for their family. She is a frequently unemployed laborer who brings in an average income of $5 per month.

This makes me even more determined to see Ayingeneye's sponsorship carried out. She receives education and gospel through her Compassion center, but she also receives food and imperative healthcare there.

Please say a prayer for Ayingeneye and her family today, and please consider helping us continue her sponsorship with a small donation. We give 100% of your donation straight to Compassion sponsorship.

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