Sunday, May 8, 2016


Yesterday Summertime came on the radio, the Kenny Chesney song.

It made me reminisce like crazy. It just so accurately describes our big RV adventure. Two bare feet on the dashboard. Your love and an old Ford. Cheap shades. A tattoo. A Yoohoo bottle rolling in the floor board. Perfect song on the radio, sing along ‘cause it’s what we know. It’s a smile. It’s a kiss…
Because it was! It was all we knew. Adventure and music and laughter and exploring…that was just how we did life.

Things like that always make me long for days like that.  Ryan and I have big plans to someday do a big East Coast road trip together, just the two of us again.  I am so excited for that.  It’s just so wonderful to picture spending all that time together again, just talking and listening to music. Passing him crackers with summer sausage… his hand occasionally coming off the steering wheel to reach for mine or to pat my knee… random pit stops just because something catches our eyes. I love the adventure part of our marriage.

But I also love the parenting part of our marriage.

It’s so easy to let all these things bleed into one another and simply be life. Simple things, like this song, now have a million meanings.

This represents some of my favorite memories, and some of my hopes and dreams for my marriage.
It also represents my hopes and dreams for my children’s marriages. I hope they are someday filled with happy memories of good times with the one they love. I hope they hear a song that reminds them of holding hands. I hope certain tastes or smells always make them think of adventure.  I hope a number reminds them of the highway they took to ___.I hope they have a favorite hat or hoodie that’s experienced a million pieces of life.

I hope they each find their soul mate and then just really and truly live, you know?

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