Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Blessing of Baby Meals

I’m writing this eight days after giving birth. In one hour I’ll be throwing a frozen family-sized gluten free Udi’s lasagna into the oven for dinner.

It’s the first meal I’ve “made” since this baby was born.

Ryan picked up a huge $10 platter of GF fried rice from a local place on our first night back at home. Then somebody from my mom’s group brought us chicken tacos. Then vegetable beef stew with cornbread. Then pasta, plus breakfast for the next morning. Then some amazing chicken burrito bowls. One lady signed up to order us GF pizza this weekend.

Can I just say with completely sincerity that I think meals are the absolute best way you can bless a new mom?

We don’t have family living nearby but we have always been so very blessed in this area any ways. We got several meal gift cards in the mail after Baby A was born. After Baby B we had a meal prepared by a neighbor, a few meal gift cards in the mail, and a huge case of our favorite canned chili from my mother-in-law. This time around we have gotten a few meals from mom’s group.

Between these, simple store-bought convenience meals, and my freezer stash, I’m usually able to spend about a month really focusing on baby and recovery without putting too much energy into cooking dinners and the next day’s lunches. I don’t know how to explain how special that is to me.
Motherhood is so beautiful and so hard! It has been so wonderful and so very much appreciated to get this sweet little break three times in a row now. There have been so many new-baby afternoons where someone else cooked and I established breastfeeding or slept while my baby slept or snuggled my three tiny people and read them a story.

I just thought I would share this today because it has been such a sweet blessing to us—especially to me, while I find my footing with three little ones in the house and recover from childbirth and feel a desperate pull to hold my baby nearly at all times—and I thought maybe it might encourage somebody to take a meal to the next new mama in their circle. <3

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