Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Week One

The third time’s a charm, right?

This time around I was determined to really rest. No chores. No leisurely stroller walks. No squeezing in some random errand after the two-day pediatric check-up. Just rest.

So this first week has been filled up with:
Covered in babies! The best!

-Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.
-Watching the whole first season of Alaska The Last Frontier (and being so sad that only the first season is available on DVD!)
-Wearing Ryan’s sweatpants, or leggings with this awesome zip-up hoodie dress and a diastasis recti splint
-Praying. So, so much praying. Thanks for Ryan’s personality perfectly complementing mine, for three healthy babies, for a complication-free pregnancy and delivery, for a few days of uninterrupted family bonding time, for this crazy and beautiful life. Also heaps of requests for peace and patience and calm as I re-learn newborn challenges and navigate new waters as a mother of THREE UNDER FOUR =0 So far it’s all been really wonderful but I know there will be rough and crazy days up ahead!
-Journaling or essay writing in a notebook while my sweet newborn snoozes on my chest. I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me like a year to catch all the notebook writing up with my computer files!

-Chatting with Ryan in our backyard swing while one of us holds the baby and we both crack up at the toddlers’ crazy antics
-Snuggles! Duplo Legos! Coloring!
-Sipping red raspberry leaf tea, slurping soup, or swallowing down a Larabar, before rushing off to nurse the baby
-Reading Danger in the Shadows in paperback, It Shouldn’t Happen to aMidwife on the Kindle
-Wondering. Wondering who she is… outdoorsy? Calm? Wild? Bubbly? Quiet? Soft-spoken? Artistic? Analytical? Emotional? Silly? Serious? 

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