Thursday, June 30, 2016


Someday my children will be teenagers.

All at the same time.


Actually I'm looking forward to that stage, but cautiously. I know it'll still be filled with angst.

I cried every day as a teenager. Though, to be fair, like 20% of those days were just because my dad is a little bit PSYCHOTIC AND INSANE AND MALICIOUS when he's adding spice to the meals he makes. I always remember this one dinner where my mom and brother and I all basically DIED and my dad just sat there eating his dinner. He wiped a little tear from the corner of one eye and examined it with a look like, "What are YOU doing here?" before he finally said, very slowly, "This is too hot?" 

I also cry every single day in my adult life, except now my dad lives far away so it's not because of his love of peppers.

I am looking forward to being able to really talk and reason with my kids. I’m looking forward to seeing who they are and what they’re into. I am so excited (and nervous!) to see what kind of clothes they wear, how they style their hair, what kind of music they like, what they do for fun, what they’d like to do with their lives…

I love this sweet baby stage. People sometimes say “I don’t miss that!” and “It gets so much better when they’re older!”

For a long time I couldn’t fathom that. How could you not miss this stage? How could it possibly be better when they won’t snuggle you and think they are in fact cooler + smarter than you? But now I think I get it. I am pretty excited to experience all of motherhood, although I hope it comes up much slower than it has so far!

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