Monday, July 18, 2016

Building a Life

It’s amazing to look at this sweet family of mine and see that together, day-by-day and minute-by-minute, we are building a life.

We’re working together to turn these walls into a sanctuary, a safe place, a building made of bricks and wood and faith and love and smiles.

We’re turning actions into habits and hobbies.

We’re turning interactions into the very foundation of relationships.

We’re turning this town into our home. We’re making familiar haunts and building memories at our favorite coffees hops, bookstores, parks.

We’re filling our lives together with shared phrases, happy photos, favorite Bible verses, songs, inspirational quotes.

Someday certain things will remind us of certain times in this life together… like how the smell of campfire on a hoodie is Ryan, the smell of gunmetal is my dad, Christmas music is my mom, butterscotch pudding is my brother.

We say things and do things, plan things, react to things.

Each and every thing we do, good or bad, leads to something else and another thing and another. They all add up and create a set of memories and build a life. 

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