Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Burning Mommy Questions

When his sister isn't in the car, he insists on putting Little Buddy in her seat. "WAAAAIT! You forgotta buckle him up safe!"

Why are baby clothes and linens and nursing pads WHITE? Why are all of our swaddle blankets white? Why are so many baby pajamas white? Do people who make baby clothes just not spend any time around babies?

How am I already out of clean shirts again?

How do horrible disposable diapers keep making it off the assembly line? How is no one like, “Hey, guys, our brand has a 100% leakage rate. Maybe we should fix that?”

How can something so small produce so much spit-up?

How hard would it be to get a bill passed that requires all public buildings to have a changing table?

When did I last shampoo my hair?

Why did my bank get rid of their drive-through? Why do they hate me? WHY?

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