Friday, July 15, 2016

Gorgeous Moments

Right now I struggle to find the time to sit down at the computer and type up all the things I write in my notebook throughout the day. .. but my life is a giant explosion of gorgeous moments right now, beautiful things to experience and record.
Page after page are filled with short little paragraphs, tiny truncated examples or all the love filling up my house and heart right now.

-I got both girls asleep at the same time and sat by my boy to rest on the couch. “How about let’s snuggle on the couch and do a puzzle together?” he suggested with total sincerity. “Let’s snuggle in a blanket together.”
After all these days at home together, he’s still not sick of me. In fact, he WANTS to be around me. <3

-I got the sweetest card from the labor and delivery nurse and my sweet baby and postpartum nurses. Beyond just a simple “congratulations,” they were so incredibly kind and personal. They even used our other two children’s first names. I’m sure they were busy writing it when they left the room but it FELT like they remembered us and really enjoyed getting to know us. I Once I’m a little more on top of things I will definitely be taking thank you notes and some kind of fun goodies up there to show my appreciation.

-I can’t get over the sight of my little monkeys holding their tiny baby sister. It’s such a beautiful, precious site.

-The sound of rain cooling down a warm summer night

-My little girl’s face when she wants her daddy to chase her

-Rocking my newborn in our backyard swing and listening to the sounds of her big brother and sister laughing

-Quietly laughing with Ryan at the strange positions our little ones get themselves into in their sleep, then smiling at the way they curl themselves into us when we pick them up to reposition them

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