Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Best Friends

Our three-year-old tells me 20+ times a day, “Mom? You’re my best friend.”

Sometimes he’ll hug me tight and look deep into my eyes and say “You’re my best friend ever.”
He says this all day long and then when Ryan gets home he spends the whole night saying it to Ryan instead. Both of us always tell him the same thing.
“Thank you! You’re my best friend too!”

Last night the one-year-old gave me a funny look and made her famous “EH!” noise and I thought she was probably thinking, “What am I, chopped liver?!”
I told her she is my best friend too, and that I love our family because we are all best friends. She looked satisfied. Then my boy whispered to me, “But I am your best friend EVER, okay?”

It made me smile. Someday I will call him and he won’t answer because he would rather hang out with his new #1 girl. I’ll just remind myself of last night.  

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