Monday, September 19, 2016


Last night Ryan was doing a side job so I put all three kids to bed by myself.

I changed two diapers and took my little guy potty. I put three babies into pajamas. I re-filled two sippy cups. I read a fun bedtime story with a Biblical message. I stayed patient when they insisted on reviewing every page after I was done. I tucked them all in. I sang to them. I sat patiently in the room with them and read a not-so-great book because they don’t like to fall asleep without me.

They all fell asleep by 7:42pm and I was ecstatic. ALONE TIME! The best!

I spent said alone time working on a sewing project for one of the kids. I spent my alone time on them. I have read a book in the bathtub or watched a movie or written, but I had my babies on the brain and I wanted to make something that would make them happy.

I crawled into bed and couldn’t sleep. I felt anxious and guilty.

I forgot to brush their teeth.

Isn’t that silly? They hadn’t had any sugar that day. No juice, no fruit snacks, no cookies. They had brushed their teeth in the morning and could brush them again when they woke up.

It wasn’t ideal but it wasn’t the end of the world.

I did a great job, all by myself. It was a lot of work and I somehow managed to do it all quickly and calmly without any help. I was patient. I was smiley. I gave kisses and hugs. I used a sweet voice. They fell asleep happy. I was a good mom!

But all I could think about was the thing I forgot.

In that moment I didn’t think about all the stories I had read that day. I didn’t think about how I let them have five more minutes to play after I had initially said it was time to go home.  I didn’t think about how I pretended to be a sleepy elephant for him, how I whispered sweet things in her ear so she wouldn’t feel middle-child-y, how I snuggled with all three of them in the chair and told them a story about myself as a little girl. I didn’t think about all the healthy snacks and meals I had prepared or about how gentle I was when I brushed my little girl’s hair.

I did 19 things right and forgot thing #20. I was so focused on the one thing I didn’t do that I forgot to think about all the great things I did do.

Motherhood is hard. It’s really hard and it never seems to stop being so much work. Let’s all give ourselves a little more credit today.

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