Saturday, September 10, 2016


Keeping track of the things I am thankful for, writing them in my journal all day and praying up thanks as often as I remember to, is shifting something inside me. It’s changing me in a brilliant way.

The baby was sick and refused to sleep without being rocked, in an upright position so she could breathe. When I tried and failed to just nurse her back to sleep, when it was 4am and I was getting up to rock her back to sleep for the second time that night, my first thought was “That’s okay. I like the book I’m reading any ways.”

Life just feels more beautiful and satisfying right now, I suspect because I have been counting my blessings.

Like my boy running around the living room in red flannel pajamas and a cowboy hat. A chapter in a good book challenging and growing my faith. Baby girl’s sweet sounds that, I swear, sounded exactly like “I love you” and later “Thank you.” The light and refreshed feeling I get after a good spinach salad. Time to write while my girls nap. Big Sister with her hand on Little Sister in the stroller, insisting on maintaining physical contact while I fill a basket with groceries for the week. Ryan whispering late at night, “Look at this cute baby.” Goodbye kisses before my husband leaves for work. Snuggling my big three-year-old under my soft, red blanket while he’s still little enough to like it. The sound of my children playing LEGOs together and getting along. Giggles giving away positions during Hide-and-Seek. Sweet girl’s chosen outfit: mint-green shorts roper, cowboy boots, bright purple Minnesota Vikings beanie.

I’ve found so much joy in this that I want to share it, so I’ve been sharing a little on social media and I’ve been encouraging my family to thank God for three blessings at breakfast and three during our bedtime prayer. My three-year-old seems to really be getting the hang of it. At first he tended to repeat the same things but now he really gets it. He is finding all kinds of things to be thankful for.
Like puzzles. Water to drink. Napkins for cleaning up spills. Beautiful trees. Riding my bike. Stuffed am-nials. Hats. Bedtime stories. Lights. Lunch. Playing games with Mommy. Peanut butter toast. My beautiful husband. Chairs and tables. 

Imagine the kind of life he will live if he can always keep gratitude in his heart. <3

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