Thursday, September 1, 2016


I think I’d like to become a shopaholic.
I’d like to see the back of my minivan loaded up with boxes and bags of bright and colorful things.
I’d like to spend all kinds of dollars on all kinds of things.

Just not for us.

I’d like to get addicted to buying things for people in need.
That’s a good addiction, no?

I’d like to see a great price on blueberries and buy three tubs—one for us, two for the food bank.
I’d like to stick to the list for my monthly Target run, then load up my cart with diapers for a nearby battered women’s shelter.
I’d like to stop by the dollar store for three things and come out with 20 toothbrushes for Operation Christmas Child.
I’d like to be forever buying journals before dropping them off at the NICU for the mamas who desperately need to pour out their feelings and may not feel like saying them out loud.
I’d like to spend far too much money filling up the gas tanks of single mothers everywhere.
I’d like to share an Instagram picture of a looooooong receipt I earned by buying a whole bunch of mosquito nets for families at risk of Malaria.
I’d like to be a little obsessive about funding the drilling of wells providing clean drinking water to a village that’s never had one.
I’d like to stock up the houses of mamas all over the world who aren’t sure if they’ll be able to feed their babies tomorrow.

I think I’d like to become a shopaholic. 

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