Saturday, September 3, 2016

Three Under Four: Three Months In

So here’s the thing. Motherhood itself is a crazy, beautiful contradiction. Right? It’s beautiful and disgusting and precious and exhausting. It smells so sweet and so nasty. It’s adorable and it’s covered in dried-on food.

Three Under Four has naturally been a bit of the same.

It was an easier transition for us than one-to-two was, yet it is way more chaotic. Even more chaotic than I imagined. For a while there I was literally doing nothing but parenting from 5 or 6am until 9pm. I’d get one kid down and then the baby would wake up, then another would wake up needing snuggles or a potty break or, or, or… and then I’d wake up around 11:30 and nurse again.
It was a little brutal, but it’s my third go-round so I was good at carving out moments for myself during the day. “Alone” time while a baby slept on my chest, a toddler napped, and a three-year-old watched VeggieTales. A hot shower (sans leg shaving though) while Big Brother sang to Baby C in her bouncy seat. Texting husband, “SOS! I need a break! Five minutes after dinner!” and doing something, anything, without a baby in my arms before I started the long and lengthy process (battle?) that is Getting Three Small Children to Sleep. In the Same Room.

This week itself seems like a great week to share if I want to stick to our theme of Awww/AHHHHHHH.

This week I got a precious mommy-son swim date. I held him close and listened to all the things he had to say while a lazy river current gently rolled us along. I had zero distractions so I was able to focus on him, on his little face, on the sound of his voice, on the way he says “wiss” instead of “with.” We pretended to swim away from sharks and whales and we talked about our plans for the next date. We held hands and crossed the parking lot to head back home. I stepped on a covered manhole and he attempted to jerk me away by arm. His voice got thick with emotion as he told me to be careful stepping on holes because “I would be so sad if I lost my mama.”
This week Ryan went hunting and I got a taste of single motherhood as a mother of three. Not for the faint of heart, I’ll tell ya. Yikes.
This week Baby A and Baby C slept in on the same day so I got a solid hour of snuggles and book time with Baby B. She brought me book after book and we soaked up precious time together, special quiet and gentle time I will always hold in my heart. She brought me book after book and I read every one of them. I looked into her eyes and asked if she liked each book and she loudly whispered “Yeahhhhh” each time.
This week I basically got no sleep at all. I’m not joking when I guess that I got a combined total of maybe 15 hours over seven nights. It was bad. I have felt every day like I was in a dream.
This week Baby A has taken to “reading” books to his sisters, often getting the words almost right because he has Daddy’s/Grandpa’s/Great Grandpa’s impeccable memory. Baby B started trying to do it too and frequently walks over to Baby C and points out each page on a book shouting “Ehhh! Baaa! Behhh!"
This week has been filled with errands. We've had three eight-hour errand days I'm fairly confident could have been accomplished in about six hours if I had done them all by myself.
This week a certain middle child who won’t be named ate a couple of the berries on a neighbor’s tree. Our backyard is big so she had already swallowed two or three by the time I got to her and got her to spit the rest out. After multiple calls to Poison Control, a Google session by my aunt, and finally getting in touch with the neighbor to find out what kind of tree it was, the berries turned out to be non-toxic. But I probably gained a few gray hairs from that one.
Sidenote: My hair is its natural color, no dye or streaks or anything, and I feel like I will probably not notice my gray hairs for a while because of this. I predict I will not really notice any until suddenly I am like, WHOA! What is happening!?
This week I took the kids to a cooking class at our health food store. We made apple “cookies,” apple slices spread with peanut butter and decorated with dried fruit/nut/chocolate chip toppings. They were adorable and had great listening and I got a glimpse of what it will be like to do activities like this together as they get older. 
We have a pediatric appointment in about an hour to get Baby B's wrist x-rayed because, of course, it got slammed in a door as we were leaving for a day of errands. I don't THINK it's broken but, you know, how could I not check? 

So, yeah. That was this week.   

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