Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Little of This, a Little of That

I have always admired the “gallery wall” look and I finally put one together in my kids’ room. I’m also planning a gallery wall for my living room too. I had exactly ONE frame hanging in our whole house prior to this wall so expect to see photos of the living room gallery in approximately eight years.

What’s your favorite workout? I feel like I’ve fallen into a decent groove here lately, alternating between reading on my recumbent bike (which I traded for Christmas portraits last year! I’m still proud of that), doing a workout DVD and pretending my kids aren’t screaming or beating each other with sticks or whatever awful thing they start the second I start working out (current favorites: Pilates or HIIT), and occasionally swimming/aqua aerobics at a nearby pool. I’m also trying to do a stroller walk every day while the weather is nice (my standards, probably not yours) but I rarely find the time on days we leave the house. Mainly because it takes around 17 hours to get all three kids loaded into the van.

This (in)courage post made me fall back in love with homemaking. I think we should get out of the habit of calling ourselves stay-at-home moms and go back to calling ourselves homemakers. We spend our days making our house a home. Among other things ;]

We watched Miracles from Heaven a couple of weeks ago and I LOVED IT! I had already read the book but it still had me sobbing. Highly recommend.

Check out this post from one of my favorite bloggers/authors. This is actually one of my favorite verses and I have it all over my planner and hanging up in my house to remind me to speak with kindness even when my kids are being terrible and beating each other or destroying my things. It doesn’t always work, just in case any moms out there are feeling like they’re the only ones who sometimes respond to awfulness with awfulness.

Have you heard of The Little Paris Bookshop? My cousin reviewed it on her book blog so I looked it up and now I plan to read it soon. Ish. If you’re a fellow book nerd, I recently read and loved OperationChristmas Child, am currently reading and (so far) enjoying Riley Unlikely, and have What Light high up on my to-read list.

I’ve been doing a Whole30, have I told you that? I already eat almost totally paleo any ways so giving up grains didn’t matter and I thankfully got to skip the “Carb Flu” side effect a lot of people have to deal with… but yikes, giving up dairy and all sugar (don’t forget about hidden sugars, like in pasta sauce!) has not been super fun. The hardest thing, though, has been convenience. Man. Cooking real food all the time is so HARD with three little kids running/crawling around!
Any ways. It’s going pretty good so far and I have yet to get sick of any of my food choices so fingers crossed it stays “easy” ( I miss you so much it hurts, cheese) through the end!

It’s Christmas shopping time and I’d be crazy not to take this opportunity to point out some of my own endeavors to help you cross some people off your list! My book, For the Love of Marriage, is an excellent choice for any ladies on your list who are newly engaged, newly married, or celebrating a big milestone anniversary. My website, Name in a Book, lists children’s books by their characters’ names so you can easily find a book about a boy named Timmy or a girl named Annie. We have options for every name you can think of, and also for unique spellings. Happy shopping!

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