Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mom Purse

My purse is a Rosetti purse my mother-in-law surprised me with on her list trip here. It is gray, which is my favorite color.

I went through a purse stage in high school. Instead of wearing a backpack, I carried a purse and a stack of textbooks/binders. I swapped out my purse daily so it would match my outfit.

Oh, yes.

There was a black Walmart purse with a pink heart-shaped zipper pull, a pink JCPenney purse monogrammed with a white S, a small black & white screenprinted purse from Target- a ballerina holding her pointe shoes in front of a window overlooking the Eifle tower. I had a stiff black bag with red cherries all over it, a hot pink American Eagle bag, a small denim patchwork bag, a bright purple purse that had contained a Victoria’s Secret lotion giftset, and a camel-colored Mudd bag with pastel heart outlines.

Now, I can’t believe I had all of those. Most were a gift but some were not and cost enough money to obliterate my paycheck (part-time, $5.15 an hour at Chick-Fil-A, then $7 an hour atJCPenney!)

I could never justify that now, and I could especially never justify the time it took me to empty out my purse every night… though it was admittedly never cluttered back then.

Now I have the trusty Jeep diaper bag my husband’s aunt & uncle got us before our first baby was born (reserved for all-day outings) and my trusty Rosetti purse.

Inside my purse right now: Wipes. Change purse. Peppermint tea bag. Small notebook. Two pens. Mercer Mayer sticker from the library. EOS lip balm. Diaper for each daughter. Soap samples. Epi-pen (I’m allergic to bees). Wallet. Nursing cover. Cloth diaper I can use for wiping noses, spills, etc. Mini board book for holding attention in a long line. Two Name in a Book business cards. Random plastic spoon. Spray hand sanitizer.

*Not pictured: 20ish receipts, two packets of parmesan cheese, a wrinkled motocross ticket stub, and a Kind Bar wrapper that all needed to be thrown away before I could snap a photo.

I also normally always have my planner, whatever book I’m reading (currently OperationChristmas Child, which is so inspiring!), and some kind of snack for the kids and me. I especially like to leave Larabars in there for days when errands run long.

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