Monday, December 26, 2016


I recently woke up before everybody else and thought I'd treat myself to a relaxing hot bath all by myself.

Reading cheesy Christmas books-- The Christmas Angel, What Light. I loved them both!

Writing about putting Jesus back into our Christmas. I’ve never written a book so quickly but it was a lot of fun and I really love this one. (But not as much as I love the birth stories collaboration coming out this summer!)

Feeling like garbage! I keep having all kinds of weird symptoms, like crazy and unexplained bruising, fatigue, and awful pain all over body. My bloodwork all came back fine (I was really thinking maybe they’d just tell me I was iron deficient even though I had been careful about it), and then the virus I was blaming it on cleared up! So I’m hoping the Whole30 will take care of it! I eat mostly paleo but I have of course had a bit more sugar than usual this month because of Christmas treats so I’m hoping we can blame it all on that.

Thinking about my 2017 goals. Along with some business, financial, and giving goals, I really want to focus on making our home even more of a home. I do think I do a decent job of this but there is always room for improvement in this area so I’m starting a little study, The Lifegiving Home, on January 1st. If anyone is interested in joining me, please let me know! 

Playing Boggle and Scrabble with my husband, as often as he’s interested! I’m a lover of board games. Ryan is kind of on the fence with them. We go through phases where we play them all the time (or card games… particularly War, Cat & Mouse, and Slap Jack) and then phases where he is super uninterested.

Watching a super cute show that was on the Hallmark channel: Signed, Sealed Delivered. The complete series on NetFlix was only two two discs, but I guess it was initially longer than that. Ryan thought it was a little cheesy but I loved it, and especially loved that it was perfectly appropriate to watch even if the kids were still awake. The NetFlix reviews were mixed because whatever was missing from the discs made those who had seen the original version unhappy, but I personally didn’t see any glaring plot holes and don’t think I would ever have guessed that if I hadn’t read it in the reviews. I am always trying to find more cute and appropriate shows! I always say I’m going to write one. Eventually I will. =]

Planning for our next attempt at a Whole30! We quit the last one early because we wanted to partake in Christmas treats. We're starting January 1st and we'd love to have company! You can follow our Whole30 through the Instagram hashtag #skbellwhole30 if you’re interested

Listening to the new Sparrows Rising album, So Close! Have you heard them on the Christian radio station in your area yet? If not, request them! They’re really wonderful, and I swear I’m not just saying that because Ryan’s aunt is one of the singers. =] My favorite from this album is Lullaby (It is Well).

Listing everything I’ll need to bring on an airplane ride to go watch my baby brother marry his sweetheart!! I am really frazzled imagining bringing three kids to the airport, taking them potty/changing diapers on a four-hour plane ride, figuring out if it makes more sense to bring our own car seats or rent them with the rental car (ugh either way), etc... but it's for a good cause so it'll be great!

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