Saturday, January 14, 2017

365 Love Letters

I’ve been working on a 365 project this year: 365 love letters. They can be actual letters or short-but-sweet notes, to the people I love or to complete strangers, but they absolutely must be handwritten. I’ve gotten some really great love letters from God this week (a wonderful report from the ultrasound I had on a breast lump, hope that maybe God is using me to encourage others to do a self breast exam and maybe save a life, and so much beautiful support from family, friends, and a husband I am immensely blessed to have) and I’ve had fun writing a different letter or note every day for the past 14 days…

January 1st: wrote a little inside three birthday cards for family members with birthdays on January 6th, 7th, and 8th!
January 2nd: Thank you note to my brother and his fiancé for the sweet Christmas movie they sent to my monkeys
January 3rd: Card for a friend who got married over the weekend! I had an extra copy of Love Unending to give away and was thrilled to have somebody to give it to =]
January 4th: Left an encouraging note on the bathroom mirror at the church where my son attends Awana.
January 5th: Took notes for the friend who leads my moms’ group meetings and left a sweet note at the bottom to thank her for all she does. =]
January 6th: Love letter in Baby C’s journal, which she’ll read someday when she’s 25 or pregnant, whichever comes first.
January 7th: Mailed out a note of encouragement to a friend who is in one of those weird places where she has to endure a shred of “misery” that’s on the horizon right before something awesome. You know the kind! A nerve-wracking finals week before you’ve finally graduated, the loooooong last two weeks of pregnancy before you finally meet your baby, standing in line in airport security but knowing you’ll be seeing your loved ones in a few hours. You know.
January 8th: Left a short-but-sweet love note for my husband on our fridge! The kids lost the “R” magnet so I had to put “Love my hubs” instead of “I love u Ryan” but it worked out any ways. =]
January 9th: short letter for my Brother Bear
January 10th: Short-but-sweet note accompanying two precious quotes from The Lifegiving Home in each of my children’s journals
January 11th: post-it note inside my LifegivingHome library book, reminding other mamas they were made to be their babies’ mamas.  
January 12th: Note of encouragement on the wall of health books at the health food store.
January 13th: “I <3 you” in shower crayon, so my family can see it while they shower/take a bath.

January 14th: letter to Kirabo, our sponsor child who is going through a rough time. Pray for him please, y’all. On top of losing all of their crops to drought, his father just passed away. His mother is now living with her parents, his siblings have been split up to live with other relatives, and he is living on his own right now. It’s a bit of a miserable situation so please pray that things will start to turn around for him and his family soon. 

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