Monday, January 23, 2017

Links That Make You Go Hmm….

Books, always and forever… I loved The Chronicles of Narnia as a kid and am always excited to introduce my kids to it someday. But now that day is today, UPS Guy willing, because I ordered a picturebook version from Amazon (It’s $.47, plus shipping!!) which is scheduled to arrive today =D My son is super into lions right now so I’d say that works out to be perfect timing. I’m currently reading Unreasonable Hope with my moms’ group (oh my goodness. So sad and so beautiful!) and The Amish Midwife as my fiction read. On my list: Alaska Twilight // The Fellowship of the Ring // Different // Making Marriage Beautiful // Tightropes and Teeter-Totters

One of my favorite bloggers is expecting her sixth baby in June. Babies are always exciting =]   

I figured out how to download the Coffee +Crumbs podcast so I can listen to it at home where there is no WiFi. It turns out it’s actually really hard to listen to podcasts with kids in the house so it takes me like three hours to listen to one 30-minute episode but they’re still fun.

Our son is super into super heroes right now! I’m mostly just fostering his appreciation of Larryboy and SuperWhy since punching/kicking superheroes don’t make me very happy… but we did break down and rent The Incredibles last week. I forgot how much I love that movie! It turns out there’s an Incredibles 2 coming out in 2018… and if I haven’t already mentioned it, did you know there’s a fourth Toy Story coming out too?!  

I heard this cute song on the radio the other day and can’t get it out of my head. Have you heard it? (I Ain’t Messin’ With Jesus)

I let my son pick his own homeschool preschool unit from a list I have and the second half of January is going to be construction-themed. This is literally my last choice, the most boring for me. But my dad did construction for years and still works in the industry so we’re excited to include a call to Grandpa as one of our homeschool activities.
Homeschool preschool is still working out wonderfully for us and we’re definitely enjoying our current method. Right now we just focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic… or, since he’s three, reading lots of stories together, learning his phonics + writing a few of his letters, and mastering counting + recognizing printed numbers. We’re also working on an ongoing alphabet book project which is proving to be way more of a task than I initially imagined. Plans this month:
Books: Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site // Bob the Builder: Let's Count! // B is forBulldozer // The Construction Alphabet Book // Diggerman // Roadwork // Who Made This Cake? // Tip Tip Dig Dig // Digger, Dozer, Dumper //
Music: Songs from one of the very first board books he fell in love with, BuilderGoose
Crafts: Uh, coloring page. I am nicht so gut with crafts.
Field Trips: Stroller walk to look at a bulldozer down the road. Sigh.
Activities: Call Grandpa to ask annnnnny construction questions he wants!

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