Friday, January 6, 2017

Prayer Requests

I just love winter <3

I want to share some prayer requests this morning and then I want YOU to share yours if you have any! You can leave a comment (anonymous is fine!) or if we know each other personally, feel free to text/email them to me! 

1- One of the sweet mamas in my moms’ group has an eight-month-old baby who is having heart surgery in a few weeks. Please pray that the surgery goes well, and please all pray for his mama’s and daddy’s undoubtedly anxious hearts over the next few weeks.  

2- I don’t know the Loboda family personally, but their little girl drowned this week and has been in the hospital ever since. I’m praying for peace for them, for their marriage to not be hurt by this, and for miraculous healing for their baby girl.  

3- Ryan’s aunt & uncle’s house, where his cousin and her husband had been living, recently burned down. A lot of people have come together to show them love and raise money, collect clothes, etc… but there are lots of additional stressors that keep coming (issues with re-building, insurance frustration, etc) so I’d just like to pray against all of that hurting their souls this week  

4-There’s a young mama-to-be in a loved one’s life, let’s call her Anna, who has some underlying medical concerns that are making her very anxious about this unexpected pregnancy. Can we just all pray for the safety of her baby and her pregnancy, and also for peace in her anxious heart? 

5- This one is a lot more light-hearted… my church is offering a mentorship program starting next month and there are already lots of older moms who are very excited and interested in mentoring the younger mamas like me. I’ve signed up and am excited, but also a little anxious because, well, even picking out which toothpaste to buy makes me anxious. (To be fair… fluoride prevents cavities! But kills us all slowly! But cavities causes heart issues and premature births. AHHHHHHH!) Any ways, can you all please pray for a good match, and for someone who is patient with my introverted heart? I am excited about this, but also hesitant to add another relationship to my life when I feel stretched so thin as it is.

What are some of your requests today? There are no requests too big or too small! =]

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