Monday, January 30, 2017

This is Three Under Four

This is my life right now, with three children under four years old: frazzled and crazy, trying to get someone from our insurance company on the phone.

Finally get the baby down for a nap, which she has been refusing to take, and miraculously get in touch with an actual human being insurance specialist! Huzzah!

Talking about premiums and deductibles, repeatedly wiping my toddler’s nose, and frequently covering up the mouthpiece to whisper-shout at the three-year-old, “At least put your underwear back on!”

He finally looks at me incredulously and replies, “I told you! I am a tiger! Tigers don’t wear clothes!”
The insurance specialist informs me that he will have to put in an appeal for me, which needs to go through a supervisor.

Baby’s awake, problem’s not resolved, toddler is now whining up a storm for a reason I just can’t understand.

But my three-year-old has underwear on again, so I’ll call it a win. 

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